Should you choose, you will not have to call your insurance company again.

You will never have to file a claim, review an explanation of benefits statement, or pay a medical bill before you know it is for the correct amount.

You will have professional support during annual open enrollment.

You will have professional support to guide you to new coverage should you experience a loss of coverage for any reason.

If someone in your family is experiencing serious illness, we will help with prior authorizations. Someone is available 24-7 to provide immediate assistance.

You will be protected from receiving medical bills you don’t expect. If you receive a larger bill than you anticipated, you can hand it off to us for investigation, negotiation, and resolution.

You will have an account representative familiar with your benefits who can respond to any inquiries, about healthcare and healthcare coverage you have. This includes everything from questions about a drug copayment to calling your insurer or your student’s college health plan.

If you have limited or no travel coverage, we will review your options, make recommendations to you prior to any trip, and place the coverage for you.

If you are on Medicare, we will do an annual Part D (drug coverage) review for you.

We will download a summary of your claims every year so you have a permanent lifetime record of your healthcare experience and claims history.

You will have peace of mind knowing that in this turbulent healthcare environment, a knowledgeable team is looking out for you and your family.