Healthcare Navigation is the leading firm providing health insurance consulting and advocacy services. 

We do not and never have sold insurance. 

We provide impartial, objective advice and work solely to protect our clients. We offer three levels of advocacy services to maintain an ongoing, proactive relationship with clients. We also provide consulting services on a project basis to individuals, families and to businesses of all sizes.

Non-Subscription Services - Healthcare Consulting

Subscription Services - Ongoing Healthcare Advocacy

  • Basic. Occasional support.  
  • Premier. Ongoing support, including management of medical bills and claims. 
  • Platinum. Extensive support for those with significant medical needs.   


Please call us at 877-811-8211 for more information. 

Health Insurance: Navigating Traps & Gaps

"Maura Carley has written an important book for anyone who has to navigate our nation's fractured, fragmented, inadequate health insurance system. Case studies, drawn from years of experience helping individuals and families, provide insight into how these defects can affect us. No one will emerge from reading this book without a deepened understanding of how today's insurance model leaves us vulnerable to tragic medical and economic consequences."  Read more