There are many resources, national, state, and local, that can provide information or assistance to consumers.

Always conduct an internet search on specific topics to determine if other resources are available.

  •, (all state exchanges can be accessed through the federal site)
  • The Veterans Administration,
  • State Insurance Department websites
  • State Attorney General’s Office
  • The Administration for Community Living (formerly Area on Aging) has an “eldercare locator” tool (go to, or call 800 677-1116)
  • National Patient Advocate Foundation,, 202 347-8009
  • Kaiser Family Foundation,
  • Insurance company websites
  • Info-line for information on local resources, 211 or
  • Disease-specific support groups, Cancer Society, Leukemia Society, Heart Association, etc.
  • FairHealth: Consumer Cost Lookup,
  • Hospital websites