Medicare Coverage Transition

Medicare is complex. Poor decisions made during a transition to Medicare can have significant financial consequences and often cannot be undone. Not following Medicare enrollment rules can result in lifetime premium penalties and gaps in coverage. Higher-income Americans pay more for both Parts B and D and amounts change each year.

The Medicare Coverage Transition service includes:

  • Assistance making drug, secondary coverage and/or Advantage Plan decisions
  • Identifying how your current physicians participate (or don’t) with Medicare
  • Managing the various enrollments associated with Medicare and Medicare-related products to completion
  • Responding to Part D Plans inquiries regarding creditable coverage
  • Preparing correspondence to the Medicare Benefits Coordination and Recovery Center as necessary
  • Projecting your premiums associated with Medicare Part B, Part D, a supplement or Advantage Plan and your out-of-pocket expenses and preparing a spreadsheet summarizing this information
  • Preparing a summary memorandum of each part of Medicare or associated product you have enrolled in, the effective date, the associated premium and/or income-indexed premium and how payment will be made
  • Reviewing and sharing our Medicare Essentials Consultation Packet, a compilation of condensed government materials, so that you understand the important issues associated with your Medicare coverage

Deposit: $1500 for an individual; $2000 for a couple

Medicare Essentials Consultation

The Medicare Essentials Consultation can be provided to the Client who wants to receive information about Medicare, customized information on how doctors participate, discuss plan choices and projected costs but would prefer to manage enrollments on their own.

If Client needs additional support, then Client may transition to the more comprehensive Medicare Coverage Transition Service.

Fee: $1000 for an individual; $1500 for a couple*

The Medicare Essentials Consultation can also be provided to executives and employees in individual or group settings and customized to the client. Please contact us for additional information.

*Our fees are largely based on time as described in our Professional Services Agreement included under Forms.  The notable exception is our Medicare Essentials Consultation which is a fixed fee for an individual or couple.  Most individual clients pay us between $1500 and $2000 per year for our Medicare Coverage Transition service.  When fees are higher it is typically because the client’s situation is unusually complex or an enrollment problem has occurred outside our control that is time-consuming and/or difficult to resolve.