Coverage Transition (non-Medicare) – evaluating options and assisting in the transition to new coverage (non-Medicare).

Fee: A deposit is required. A projected fee based on complexity of the project and family size will be provided before work begins.

Medicare Consultation – Information, Education and Recommendations

Medicare is complex, poor Plan decisions can have significant financial consequences and penalties for not complying with enrollment rules are severe. Higher-income Americans pay more for both Parts B and D and amounts change each year.

Medicare Essentials Consultation
An in-depth personal review of Medicare which includes:
• Information on enrollment rules
• How your current physicians participate with Medicare
• Drug, secondary coverage and/or Advantage Plan recommendations
• Estimate of your premium and out-of- pocket costs

Fee: $1000 for an individual

Medicare Coverage Transition –

All of the above services AND managing the enrollment process until all your new Medicare and
insurance cards are in hand.

Fee: A $1500 deposit is required

Special Projects
We occasionally accept projects outside the scope of the services described above. Please call us to discuss your inquiry.

Fee: Customized to the project