Advance Directives

Our ongoing clients sign authorizations which allow us to overcome privacy regulations and speak to just about anyone on their behalf. However, we don’t make healthcare decisions for clients. That’s another matter altogether and where an Advanced Directive or Living Will is important. That document expresses one’s desires about medical treatment at the end of life. A related document is a healthcare proxy sometimes referred to as a healthcare agent or durable power of attorney for healthcare. This document identifies another

Tips Regarding A Return To HMOs (Home Maintenance Organization)

Open enrollment for 2017 Individual Plans finally came to a close at the end of January. This is the fourth open enrollment period for individual insurance since the Affordable Care Act reforms started to take effect in 2014.  This has been a tumultuous era.   Millions more people have coverage but many are paying more for their coverage and are not satisfied with their alternatives due to narrower networks of physicians and other providers and more overall restrictions. In some states, and

Tis the Season to Consider Travel Coverage

I know some of you saw the article “What If You Get Sick While Traveling Abroad” in the Wall Street Journal that I was recently quoted in but if not, and you’re planning a trip, we want to get important information to you. First, we’re addressing coverage for medical services and medical evacuation here – not trip cancellation or loss of luggage, etc.  Medical evacuation is usually defined as evacuation to the nearest hospital capable of handling your illness or injury. What

Paul Krugman and the New York Times – All Wrong about Medicare

Monday’s New York Times carried an extremely misinformed editorial by Paul Krugman, Messing with Medicare. If you’re looking for an intelligent column on the subject, read, David Brooks’s column, Medicare Survival Guide which appeared on May 27, 2011. Links to both are below. Paul Krugman: David Brooks: The most significant public policy issue facing this country today is how to manage the ever increasing cost of healthcare. The fact is that with private insurance and Medicare we largely have two extreme opposite models for managing coverage,