I read about Healthcare Navigation in the Wall Street Journal. That was a lucky find. They helped my wife and me with several coverage transitions including relocation. I had no idea the extent to which moving affects your health insurance and the bureaucratic headaches one can face.

Mr. Walter S. Bearden (and wife Noel Bowden Bearden)

Mr. Walter S. Bearden (and wife Noel Bowden Bearden)Nashville, Tennessee

Healthcare Navigation provides an invaluable service that saves me time, sometimes money and untold aggravation. They have helped three generations of my family since 2003. Their service is excellent.

Mr. Jerry Pullins

Mr. Jerry PullinsJupiter, Florida

When I retired from my financial advisory firm, my wife and I had ample time to plan our transition onto Medicare which we assumed would be straightforward. After all, I had dealt with complex financial matters on behalf of clients for years and my wife had worked in healthcare. Instead we found ourselves lost in the alphabet soup, acronyms, and terms which dealing with Medicare entails. We received expert guidance from Healthcare Navigation and have maintained an ongoing relationship with them.

Michael L. Stein (and wife Judith Rhinestine)

Michael L. Stein (and wife Judith Rhinestine)
Principal (retired)
Brownson, Rhemus and Foxworth, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

I am so grateful for all the help and support you gave me and my children after David’s death during such a devastating time in our lives. I hope that our experience might help a widow or widower’s family from being confronted with the same termination of coverage problems that we experienced.

Luci Watson

Luci WatsonDarien, Connecticut

Maura Carley’s firm has been an indispensable part of my family’s life for ten years.

Alexandra Lebenthal

Alexandra LebenthalNew York, New York