As I approached my 65th birthday and Medicare eligibility, I was interested in quality Medicare, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Drug plans. In addition, I wanted the lowest monthly premium rates possible with quality plans. I tend to shop for the best price/value available and Medicare was no exception.

To ensure the above, I was open to the possibility of hiring a Medicare consultant to review my situation and make recommendations. I did a pretty thorough internet search to identify a competent and reputable firm. The first discovery I made was that there are many Medicare brokers out there who represent specific Medicare providers and, by definition, are not completely objective. I quickly focused on independent Medicare consultants and identified a half dozen viable companies.

Healthcare Navigation very quickly separated themselves from the other firms. I initially spoke directly with Maura Carley, Founder and President of Healthcare Navigation. Maura impressed me with her thorough knowledge of Medicare and her focus on doing the right thing for her clients. She referred me to the Regional Director who is responsible for the area where my wife and I live. The Regional Director, after having me answer a number of questions, expertly and efficiently suggested Medicare plans which I accepted and with which I have been very happy. My spouse has recently repeated this process as she approaches her 65th birthday.

I happily and unequivocally recommend Healthcare Navigation as a very worthwhile resource for anyone making the transition to Medicare.

Mark W. Carter

Mark W. CarterWashington, DC