More At Stake with Medicare

More At Stake with Medicare

We want everyone to know about a service we’ve been offering for several years and about which we’ve received extremely and uniformly positive feedback, our Medicare Essentials Consultation.

We have historically provided this educational and basic advisory service to individuals and couples. Recently we’ve also been engaged by larger companies and have received inquiries from a wide array of professional firms who want this information for their staff and retirees.

Why do so many people want to learn about Medicare?

This consultation was worth every penny. I wish someone had walked me through and explained Medicare like this when I first went on Medicare.” Paul H.

· Medicare has become more complex. We have Medicare Parts A, B, C (Advantage Plans), and D as well as private Medicare supplements (typically A through N less E, H, I and J).

· Medicare has become more expensive. Medicare Part B premiums became income indexed in 2007 and Medicare Part D last year. It may seem absurd but it is a fact that many Americans pay more for their income indexed Part D contribution than for their Part D premium itself. Premiums can change every year based on income. As you might expect, sometimes there are mistakes in these calculations.

· Medicare enrollment rules are strict and unforgiving and typically ensnare those who work the longest (beyond age 65) and pay into the system their entire adult lives.  If Part B enrollment isn’t handled properly, one pays premium penalties for life and often has a gap in coverage. 

Healthcare Navigation has experienced professionals who can provide the consultation to individuals or to groups in person, via teleconference, Skype, webinar or videoconferencing. Consider investing in this vital service or sharing this information with others who should know about the consultation.  Please see our online brochure. If you would like paper brochures, please reply to this email with your address and how many brochures you would like and we will send them out to you.


Individual or couple Consultation fee: $750 for a 90 minute session;

Corporate rate for group sessions*: $2500 – $8000

*Fees for corporate clients when consultation is provided to groups of employees can vary based on level of customization, preparation time, travel time, number of sessions and number of participants per session.

Health Insurance: Navigating Traps and Gaps

Every individual who participates in a consultation will also receive a copy of the bookHealth Insurance: Navigating Traps and Gaps(available on ) by Maura Carley, President and CEO of Healthcare Navigation. A large portion of the book is a Medicare resource.

To learn more about this consultation or to schedule one, please contact one of the following individuals:

Sarah Gravelin, Eastern U.S., 203 242-0544, ext. 108,

Eileen Carley, Midwestern U.S., 312-626-2631,

Shan Burchenal, Western U.S., 303-385-8487, ext.