We Can Help You With...

  • Coverage change. 

    You are going through a transition: job loss, moving, turning 26 and aging off a parent's plan, COBRA expiring, retirement, retirement of a spouse, divorce, or death of a spouse.
  • Understanding Medicare. 

    You or your employees are about to turn 65 or retire and need to understand Medicare. Questions might include: How do I choose between a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage plan? When would I consider changing Part D plans?
  • Transition to Medicare. 

    You have worked beyond age 65, are not enrolled in Medicare, are planning to retire and need assistance with the transition to Medicare.
  • Help With Navigating Healthcare System. 

    You or members of your family want assistance navigating the healthcare system and/or help understanding your coverage.
  • Help Managing Your Healthcare Policy. 

    You or members of your family want ongoing assistance managing healthcare paperwork.
  • Review of Your Coverage. 

    You want an independent, objective review of your existing healthcare coverage. Questions might include: If I lose group benefits, what are my options and how do I decide which is best? How do I avoid penalties associated with my Plan's pre-authorization requirements? My retiree coverage is costing more and covering less, is it worth keeping?