Healthcare Advocate Premier

All the services of our Basic service but a hand-off to HN professionals to file and review claims, approve medical bills, and provide ongoing assistance and advocacy. 

We manage all types of claims including those for services provided outside the United States.

Initial Deposit - $1500 for an individual, $2000 for a family. Ongoing fees are customized to client needs.

  • In addition to providing ongoing advice and assistance as described under Healthcare Advocate Basic, you also hand off to us the burden and hassle of managing all your medical paperwork and resolving issues with providers and insurers on a pro-active basis. 
  • You provide written authorization so that we can represent you and speak to insurance company representatives, medical providers, medical billing personnel and anyone else we need to work with to help you and family members;
  • We maintain all your important family information, demographic, coverage documents, copies of I.D. cards, physician, pharmacy, etc. We also maintain the user names and passwords for all your coverage related web sites in our secure data base to enable us to access your information 24/7;
  • We provide you with pre-addressed, postage paid envelopes so that you can forward all of your medical paperwork to us.  We ask that you not pay medical bills until we have reviewed them.  This information can also be scanned and emailed or faxed to us for review;
  • We file all claims which require personal filing, review all claims processed to determine if they were processed correctly.  If they were not processed correctly, we determine the appropriate intervention from follow-up phone call to filing appeal until issue is resolved;
  • We assume responsibility for obtaining preauthorization or precertification that your provider is not required to obtain, consistent with Plan rules, to avoid claim penalties;
  • You have access to our After Hours Service so that a professional is available 24/7 to assist you and your family should the need arise;
  • You receive ongoing advice, assistance, and advocacy regarding coverage, claims, medical bills, provider networks, rules of the plan, or other problems or administrative issues of concern;
  • We maintain a permanent record of your claims history.

Please note -- the Base Fee will be considered a deposit for new clients.  Fee for service rates will apply until an appropriate retainer can be projected.   Fee for service rates range from $150 to $400/hour based on the level and complexity of work requested and/or required.