Healthcare Advocate Basic

A support service for those who want occasional advice, assistance, information and representation as needed from HN professionals.

Base Annual Fee $1200 for an individual, $2400 for couple or family 

  • You provide written authorization so that we can represent you and speak to insurance company representatives, medical providers, medical billing personnel and anyone else we need to work with to help you and family members;
  • We maintain all your important family information, demographic, coverage documents, copies of, physician, pharmacy, etc. We also maintain the user names and passwords for all your coverage related web sites in our secure data base to enable us to access your information 24/7;
  • We regularly discuss medical and coverage matters with you in order to anticipate issues or concerns;
  • You have access to our After Hours Service so that a professional is available 24/7 to assist you and your family should the need arise;
  • You receive ongoing advice, assistance, and advocacy regarding coverage, claims, medical bills, provider networks, rules of the plan, or other problems or administrative issues of concern. 

Please note -- this service is not appropriate for new clients receiving inpatient services or intensive and frequent outpatient services at the time of the initial engagement.  Please see description of Healthcare Advocate Platinum Service.