Medicare Essentials Consultation

At Healthcare Navigation, we believe you should understand the basics of Medicare, other relevant issues and how they might affect you. The decisions you make about Medicare can have significant financial consequences.  Medicare is complex, penalties for not complying with enrollment rules are severe, and those on Medicare have more choices to make regarding secondary coverage, Advantage Plans and/or Part D. 

Whether you are about to go on Medicare, are on Medicare or are an adult child of someone on Medicare, we will provide you with useful information about current issues of relevance to you and future trends. If you are transitioning on to Medicare, we develop a plan for your future.  

We also provide this consultation to businesses and corporations who want this information provided to employees on an individual or group basis so that employees can prepare for their transition onto Medicare.

Consultation fee for an individual client:  $1000 - $1500
Consulation fee for a corporate client:      $1000 - $8000 

We also offer a Medicare Mini Consult for those not actively planning to transition onto Medicare. The session is for those who are working (or working spouse), have active group coverage at age 65 or beyond and want to know what to do before retirement. 

Mini-consultation fee for an individual client:  $250/hour

Fees for business and corporate clients vary because they are based on level of customization,  preparation time, travel time and with Medicare Essentials, number of sessions and number of participants per session.

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