Advocacy Services

A service for those who want occasional advice, assistance, and representation from HN professionals.

• You provide written authorization so that we can represent you;
• We maintain all your important family information, coverage documents, copies of, physicians, preferred pharmacy, etc.
• We maintain the user names and passwords for all your coverage related web sites in our secure data base to enable us to access your information 24/7;
• You receive advice, assistance, and advocacy regarding coverage, claims, medical bills, provider networks, rules of the plan, or other problems or administrative issues of concern;
• A dedicated representative is assigned to your account. You will speak with the same person nearly every time you need assistance;
• We assist with a review of your coverage. We perform an annual Part D for Medicare clients on Part D Plan to make sure you’re on the best plan for your needs;
• You have access to our After Hours Service.

Base Annual Fee $1200 for an individual

A service for those who also want regular, ongoing support with the management of medical bills and claims. All Basic Services included.

Base Annual Fee of $2000 for an individual, customized for couple or family

A comprehensive service for those with complex medical needs who require extensive support, significant coordination among healthcare providers and/or coordination with other trusted advisors.

Base Annual Fee of $4000 for an individual